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Rethos Candidate Survey

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Rethos: Places Reimagined invites candidates for the Minnesota Legislature to complete a questionnaire on building rehabilitation, the Main Streets program, and other issues of interest to our members and followers. The questionnaire is nonpartisan, and it is not meant to serve as an endorsement of or for any particular candidate or political party.


The preservation of our built environment typically has been a bipartisan issue. Thousands of voters across Minnesota recognize their communities’ unique assets – both tangible and intangible. Through their acts of stewardship, and by reclaiming and revitalizing valued places, they are growing their local economies, sustaining their ways of life, lowering their carbon impat, and preserving the character of their communities.

Candidates, take the survey here.


Rethos members and followers – ask the candidates in your area to take the survey! Not sure who’s on your ballot? You can check here. Still need help? Contact us and we can pass along more information.


Check back to read candidate responses as they come in.


Remember to VOTE on Nov. 3 – or earlier in person or by absentee.

Candidate Survey Results

I live in a home that is over 100 years old and believe preservation is economically sound for owners, neighbors, city and the state, as well as environmentally beneficial.

- Greg Copeland, MN-66, R


Successful program, great return on investment.

- Chuck Wiger, MN-43, DFL


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Small, local and family owned businesses are the cornerstone of our country. 

- Joshua Prine, MN-16, Independent Alliance


We need to assist small businesses in their recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.  I am hopeful federal funding will be available for the recovery process. Providing assistance to small business owners will grow the economy and put people back to work.

- Greg Clausen, MN-57, DFL


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