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Main Street Spotlight: Red Wing!

Red Wing Downtown Main Street taking downtown development to the next level with their brand-new Red Wing Redevelopment Challenge! The Redevelopment Challenge is now in full swing, with applications being accepted for projects due to be completed by December of 2023. Red Wing community partners will be providing a $335,000 incentive package to one redevelopment project that will take place in Red Wing’s historic downtown district! Red Wing Downtown Main Street hopes that this program will boost economic and housing growth, allowing businesses to continue development and use of historic buildings.

Program goals include:

  • Private property will be improved structurally and/or visibly.

  • Occupancy levels in downtown buildings will increase; vacant spaces will be used

  • Historic properties will be improved and preserved for future generations

  • Downtown property values will increase

  • Proper use of the property will occur with the highest and best uses

To learn more about the Redevelopment Challenge, visit the Red Wing Downtown Main Street website.

We can’t wait to see the amazing projects that come out of this challenge!


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