Please note: Submissions are closed for the Otter Tail County Story Mapping Project. To learn more, please explore the information and resources below. Keep an eye out for the story map containing information on all of the projects this July.

Have you ever had an idea about gathering stories, images, or ideas of things that happened in Otter Tail County? Are there places or memories that should be written down so they aren’t forgotten?


In order to more fully include stories and places from all over Otter Tail County, Rethos is pleased to announce a new option for applicants interested in creating a story map project, but lacking a specific plan. Rethos will be offering “Ready Set Story Mapping” projects, which will be simplified, topical, and allow you to follow a more step-by-step process than the open-ended story map projects.

Introducing Ready Set Story Mapping

The Ready Set Story Mapping Project option can be used to create any sort of project—from photography exhibits, articles, folklore gathering, cataloging of buildings to recording stories of locals, and can focus on any place in Otter Tail County, including towns and townships, unincorporated areas, rural areas, lakes or a combination of locations. Anyone who attended Story Mapping Workshops hosted in Otter Tail County in early 2020 or who viewed the online webinar, either live or recorded, can apply to do a project. You don’t have to be a historian, scholar, or artist to take on these projects, either. If you simply have an idea about cataloging a piece of Otter Tail County’s past or present, you can be successful in this project. These projects are meant to have a singular focus, and be more simple to gather information on than some of the larger, more involved projects that are taking place. Each project will receive limited guidance on how to complete the project, and funds of $1,000 per project is available.

For example, you may want to gather a listing of all the churches that are located in Otter Tail County, and include even churches that are no longer active. You could do a photography exhibit of local Otter Tail County celebrities, past and present, or do a short documentary on favorite pastimes of teenagers in Otter Tail County through the years. This project could even focus on a specific event, like a natural disaster or a disagreement between neighbors that led to an infamous outcome—if it happened in Otter Tail County, it could be the topic of a project.

How to Apply

Contact Tyler at


To learn more about the project, watch the latest recording of the Otter Tail Story Mapping Webinar. Disregard application due dates mentioned in the webinar.



You will be asked what the main topic of the project is, where your project will take place, and what kind of final product you will create. It’s also important to remember that your time is valuable, and that the $1,000 funds go towards whatever supplies you need to create your project as well as considering how much time you will spend creating the project. A simple budget outline is available in the online form for you to see as an example.

Ready Set Story Mapping Application - CLOSED
General Story Map Project Application - CLOSED
Contact Info

If you’re interested in applying to do one of these projects, but have questions on how to start or hesitations on whether or not your idea would work, do reach out to us. Rethos staff wants to make the Ready Set Story Mapping projects as simple to complete as possible, and to open up the pool of interested individuals. If you’ve got an idea, we want to have you as part of this project.

Emily Kurash Casey
Tyler McDaniel
This project was made possible in part by the people of Minnesota through a grant funded by an appropriation to the Minnesota Historical Society from the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.
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