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Your Support Helps Rethos:

Tell important stories through historic buildings and places.
Strengthen communities, create jobs, and energize our Main Streets.
Reduce the amount of construction waste added to landfills.
Help homeowners save their old houses and make them more energy efficient.
Promote projects that preserve historic structures while meeting current needs like affordable housing, new businesses, and beautiful public spaces.

We are thrilled to announce the relaunch of the
Rethos Membership Program,
designed for those who cherish our shared heritage and want to actively support the preservation of historic places. For just $50 a year, you can become a vital part of our mission to protect and celebrate the places you love.
• Donations of $50 or more become Rethos Members and will receive our Places Reimagined magazine 3 times a year.


• Donations of $1000 or more become Preservation Enthusiasts and will receive our Places Reimagined magazine 3 times a year, plus a yearly listing in the magazine.

There are several easy ways to give! Here's how:

• Click on the Donate Now button to give using your credit or debit card. It’s safe, secure, and gets your gift working right away.
• Join the Keystone Society and make your ongoing monthly contribution (here). Your continuing generosity ensures the resources needed to save buildings, support local businesses, educate homeowners, and advocate for good public policy. Join here or email for more information.

• Send a check, payable to Rethos,
75 West 5th Street, Fifth Floor South, Saint Paul, MN 55102.
There are no transaction fees so all of your gift goes to the
programs you support.

• Transfer shares of stock. Avoid paying taxes on your appreciated assets and support our mission before year end. Download instructions here.
Call 651.293.9047 for more information.
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Your Gift of

$2,500 makes a tangible impact on the preservation of the places you love


$1,000 will strengthen local economies, create jobs, and preserve important historic buildings

$500 will ensure that an educational class for homeowners has the materials and equipment

it needs


$250 will help Minnesota Main Streets programming expand to new towns all across Minnesota


$100 will promote responsible and sustainable historic revitalization projects


$50 to celebrate four decades of Rethos and its mission - Places Reimagined since 1981

Four Reasons to Donate Stock to Rethos: Places Reimagined Before Year End 

  1. You Can Give More! 
  2. You Can Potentially Reduce Future Capital Gains 
  3. You Can Give Your Investment Portfolio a Tune Up
  4. You Can Donate Stocks to Rethos Easily  


Rethos adheres to The Association of Fundraising Professionals'
Code of Ethical Principals and Standards. Read more here

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