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Downtown Red Wing, Minnesota with people in the crosswalks
A healthy Main Street is a visible sign of a healthy community

The power of buying locally and having a healthy, vibrant neighborhood business community is irrefutable. Utilizing the Four Point Approach, Main Street America has actively worked in this space since 1980. As the Main Street Coordinating partner for Minnesota, Rethos has resources and technical support available to assist economic centers of all kinds with additional resources available to our Accredited, Affiliate, and Network communities throughout our state.


If you would like to know more about what Minnesota Main Streets can do for your town, small city, or urban neighborhood, contact us at 651-293-9047,, or click here.

Currently, Minnesota Main Streets is accepting applications for the Looking Up Paul Bruhn Grant from Main Street Communities. You can access the application page here.

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Artists on Main Street

Artists on Main Street, a collaboration between Minnesota Main Streets by and Springboard for the Arts, explores how the arts help address the challenges affecting Main Street communities today. Using artists as placemakers, communities use their own people and ideas for action.

Downtown Assessments

How would you tell your community's story? What is happening in your Main Street today that can help in reactivating your spaces? Downtown Assessments discover and celebrate what makes your town unique, and provides a plan for revitalization action.

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