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Rethos Offices Reopen

When we locked up our offices in March of 2020, who would have known that it would be over a year until we were back? And I think that none of us could have foreseen the events that over this past year have changed our world. As we emerge from this pandemic, the staff at Rethos is hopeful that we will retain many of the lessons we learned over these many months.

We are in many ways excited to be able to return to our work in a more collective manner. While videoconferencing was such a boon to our work, it is not the way that we see our organization functioning all the time. Clearly, video conferences brought us some immense benefits that should be held onto. We can now much more easily reach out across large geographic areas to bring classes, workshops, and talks. We look forward to melding our virtual and in-person work to continue to reach people where they are.

In the coming weeks, the Rethos Twin Cities office will be coming back to life with staff and visitors. So much of the work we do is collaborative and, well, we just like to hang out with each other as well as with community members.

So, in the coming weeks, if you are in the Landmark Center or simply in downtown St. Paul, please do feel free to stop in and say hi! We would love to see your face and chat with you about our historic communities, sites, and structures.

Our offices are on the fourth floor of the Landmark Center. Just take a left when you exit the elevators!


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