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Main Street Spotlight: Wabasha!

After months of hard work, downtown Wabasha’s Community Roots mural is complete! Local artist Sue Mundy painted this beautiful piece, which is located on the West side of the Food Share, with the help of several devoted (and talented!) volunteers of all ages. The mural displays a quote from local poet Pamela Larson, which says, “We work together to nourish the common soil, cultivate deep root systems. We sow the seeds in a hard row and occasional drought, grow vines of connection. We share the bounty and harvest a healthy community.”

Sue had this to say in her final mural update post: “This is a sketch (below) by Emily [Durand] and where it all began after a trip to see the murals of Ashland, WI inspired her.

We were both thinking giant vegetables and came up with a list of words connecting to the theme of Community Roots. Her image inspired me to design what is. Including poetry was brilliant! Thank you to local poet Pamela Larson for her inspired work. And as usual, thank you to all sponsors: Artists on Main Street, a partnership between Wabasha Main Street, RETHOS, and Springboard for the Arts with support from the Bush Foundation, SMIF, SHIP, WKACF, Wabasha Dentistry, and the Blandin Foundation.”

Don’t forget to check out the Community Roots mural while you’re in town! Way to go, Wabasha!


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