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Rethos Opens Winona Office

As Rethos continues to grow its programming and resources around the state, the need to have a physical presence in communities outside the Twin Cities has also grown. Community Programs Director Emily Kurash Casey has been based in Winona, MN the entirety of her time with Rethos. This September, Emily officially opened the Winona branch of Rethos, located at 164 E. Third Street. Emily shares, “It’s truly been wonderful opening up shop in Downtown Winona, which is one of the Main Street communities we work with. Being part of an active downtown has been invigorating! It’s also been great proof to Rethos partners that we truly mean it when we say we want to have a statewide presence beyond the metro area.”

Rethos is sharing space with Frozen River Film Festival. (You can learn more about them at We look forward to seeing you at upcoming events in Winona, soon!


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