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Rethos Ruby Jubilee: Announces the Return of Doors Open Minneapolis

Kelly Fischer, Rethos Heritage Tourism Manager, and Scott Mayer Founder of Doors Open Minneapolis announce the return of the event
Photo: Daniel Lindsay

By Josh Hauf

Rethos celebrated its 40th anniversary with leaders, advocates, and pioneers of historic preservation at the Rethos Ruby Jubilee. The Rethos staff and board presented five awards and announced that Doors Open Minneapolis is coming back in 2023. We invite you to take a look “behind the scenes” of the most significant buildings in the city, each with a story to tell.

Crowd at Rethos Ruby Jubilee Gala
Photo: Daniel Lindsay

Founder and former executive director Scott Mayer organized and executed Doors Open in 2019 This first annual event featured 112 venues including churches, factories, businesses, theaters, and more. These sites hosted 17,000 individuals from across the metro area. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Doors Open Minneapolis has not been held since the original event three years ago.

View from the balcony of Minneapolis skyline
Photo: Mike Evangelist

Rethos is thrilled to be bringing this opportunity back and to be working with venues, returning and new, to create a weekend full of history, culture, and identity. Rethos is the coordinating entity of this event and is partnering with a diverse group of planners, including the American Institute of Architects and the City of Minneapolis. These agencies focusing on preservation, tourism, and community engagement are working to ensure that Doors Open is accessible and welcoming to everyone.

Porthole window in historic building
Photo: Mike Evangelist

The sites boast unique architecture, rich histories, and social prominence. At each location, building owners and caretakers will share their perspectives and stories, painting the picture of why these places and people are vital to Minneapolis’ identity. Some venues will consist of guided tours, Q&A sessions, and vary on levels of operation. While the venues represent distinct histories and intrigue, one thing is consistent: each location has the power to tell its story in its unique way.

Rethos is expanding its reach and impact by moving into responsible tourism management. We believe that when people know the history of their communities, they feel more connected and inspired to share that experience with others, strengthening the community as a whole. Enhancing community vitality and engaging with communities is at the core of Rethos’ work. Doors Open Minneapolis is an extension of this practice and an ideal way to engage people with historically and culturally significant places and experiences.

The event will be held May 13th-14th, 2023, and is completely free for all participants! Keep an eye out for venue listings early next year and see which sites meet your interests. A week before Doors Open, a comprehensive program guide will be printed in the Star Tribune to help attendees navigate throughout the city. Each venue will have its own programming and will be staffed with volunteers and friendly faces ready to assist.

Doors Open is one of Rethos’ largest events to date and an in-depth look into the history of not just a single place, but a city. Our network and mission are expanding. We are pleased to be producing Doors Open Minneapolis in 2023. Additional information is available on our Heritage Tourism page as well as the application to be a Doors Open venue. Any questions or inquiries can be directed to our Heritage Tourism Manager, Kelly Fischer at

These buildings and places tell the story of Minneapolis and the communities within. Come on over, the doors are open.


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