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Support Rethos, Reduce Your Estate Tax Burden, and Leave a Legacy: The Power of Bequests


Bequests are the most common way to make a gift to Rethos through your estate. Simply add a provision in your will or trust designating either a specific amount, a percentage, or all or part of the residue of your estate to Rethos. You can designate your bequest to benefit a specific program that is meaningful to you or provide unrestricted support to help Rethos carry out its mission, now and in the future. Gifts of any size are appreciated.

Bequests provide flexibility in that they allow you to make a gift now by including a provision in your will or trust while preserving the right to make changes at any time in the future should your circumstances change. There are also potential tax benefits by including a bequest in your will or trust, which may allow you to make a more significant gift to Rethos from your estate while still taking care of family and loved ones.

Sample Language

Below is sample language that you can share with your attorney in drafting a bequest in your will or trust:

I bequeath to Rethos (Tax ID #41-1427970), a nonprofit organization located in Saint Paul, MN,

• the sum of _________ dollars; or

• an amount equal to ________ percent of the net value of my estate; or

• all the rest, residue, and remainder of my estate

If you would like to designate your gift to a specific program, you may also want to include additional language:

It is my request that this gift be used for the benefit of [specify program] delivered by Rethos as directed in my most recent statement of intent.

To learn more about giving to Rethos through your estate, by transferring shares of stock or other appreciated assets, or through other planned giving vehicles, please contact:

Paul DeGeest, MA (Philanthropy)

Director of Development, Rethos: Places Reimagined or 651-293-9047


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