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The Phillis Wheatley Elementary School

Rethos is excited to be a part of the rehabilitation of the Phillis Wheatley Elementary School in Milwaukee, WI. Royal Capital Group Ltd plans to renovate the former school into 42 apartments over the next year. In addition, they will be construction 40 additional units on the same site. Federal and state historic tax credits will help make this project feasible. Built in 1902, the school is named after Phillis Wheatley (1753-1784), a well-known pre-19th century poet who was enslaved. Kevin Newell, Royal Capital Group founder and former student at the school, says in the linked article, “This development is vested with great storytelling. Not only providing much-needed, quality housing, services and programming that will contribute to the ongoing rejuvenation of the 53206 ZIP code, but it also pays tribute to an incredibly inspiring Black woman.” The project is slated to be completed in Spring 2022.

Photo from the City of Milwaukee

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