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Welcome Shannon & Leighton!

A belated welcome to our newer staff members!

Shannon Laing joined the Rethos team as the Main Streets Manager in the fall of 2023. Originally from Hastings, Shannon has also lived in Minneapolis but has long called Duluth home. Most recently, Shannon served as the Main Street Lincoln Park Program Director (and before that as the Director of Partnership Development) under Ecolibrium3, a Duluth nonprofit organization that serves as the convening organization in Duluth’s Lincoln Park neighborhood; and works on community sustainability and resiliency through energy transition, housing stock improvement, economic security, and health. Shannon’s previous career experiences have taken her from “pipe and wire” as one of the first women in electrical construction sales in the 80s, to the world of performing arts, to organic food marketing and advocacy, to community development. Among her myriad interests, some highlights include writing, gardening, enjoying tea, biking, and indulging in the culinary arts as a prolific baker.

Leighton Sundberg joined the Rethos team as the Public Engagement Coordinator, where he will perform outreach and engage with the community to establish a volunteer program to support Rethos’ programming. Initially, Leighton will support Rethos’ Heritage Tourism program, which is currently focused on Doors Open Minneapolis, the two-day citywide event. He will also eventually support other Rethos’ programming volunteer needs. Leighton also looks forward to performing outreach to support Rethos’ Historic Rehab Loans division.

Leighton is an avid traveler who appreciates exploring and experiencing new places. In addition to visiting more than 40 states, Leighton has also ventured throughout Central America and Europe, and looks forward to additional opportunities to travel. An avid outdoor enthusiast, Leighton also enjoys being outdoors as much as possible, especially during Minnesota’s short summers. On any given day, one could find him out on the river, biking, hiking, or exploring some part of the Twin Cities.


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