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Why Rethos? Why Now?

Since 1981, the Preservation Alliance of Minnesota has grown in so many ways. The reality is that our name no longer reflects who we have become. We are different from most preservation organizations and have evolved into an extraordinarily unique and well-respected organization.

Today, we have ten staff members, offices in Saint Paul, Granite Falls, Duluth/Superior, and Saint Cloud. We have four robust program areas: policy, rural programs, education, and real estate. We educate over 1,000 people annually, have strong Main Street connections in 20 communities, and we continue to protect the state historic tax credit.

After much thoughtful collaboration with our board and staff, we landed on a new, distinctive name that better reflects who we have become and where we’re heading.

Rethos is who we are. Reimagining places is what we do.

Why Now?

The time is right

We are holistic in our thought and flexible in our approach. We activate space, we invest in communities, and we reimagine what can be. For decades, our founders, directors, and partners like you have seen the potential in the preservation of old buildings. What we have accomplished together goes much deeper than preservation. For these reasons and more, our board and staff know that the time is right to change our name and messaging.

Preservation limits us

For many, the word “preservation” implies only the values of architecturally and historically significant buildings. We know preservation encompasses so much more.

There’s confusion

We often get confused with similar organizations. While we embrace all the hardwork and dedication of these partners, we are ready to differentiate ourselves.

Too state-specific

We have started to do more and more work in other states, and our name

needs to reflect our broadening reach throughout the region.

Why Rethos?

We believe communities flourish when places are reimagined, cultures are celebrated, learning is inspired, and small businesses are supported.

We reimagine, rehabilitate, revitalize, repurpose, rekindle,

remember, restore, reconnect, reuse, and reinvest.

As our organization has evolved, our work has pushed the boundaries of preservation. The name Rethos better equips us to reach new communities, people, and places while strengthening our existing partnerships.

Thank you for your support then as the Preservation Alliance of Minnesota,

and now, as Rethos: Places Reimagined.


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