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CERTs Home Weatherization Videos: Molly & Kenny

Still from video. Homeowners talk about window restoration

At Rethos, we understand the challenges of weatherizing old homes. We know that improved energy efficiency of all our structures is essential to ensure they are functional, comfortable, and affordable.

A wide range of weatherization options are available to many homeowners. Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start, though. With funding from a Clean Energy Resource Teams (CERTs) Seed Grant, Rethos created three short videos featuring homeowners in Winona, Minnesota. In the videos, homeowners discussed the various routes they took to improve energy efficiency and make sustainable choices in their homes.

Molly & Kenny

Molly & Kenny bought their 1930s Winona home in 2017. They’ve been steadily tackling rehab projects since then, teaching themselves how to do most things. They repaired plaster walls in the bedroom closet and are currently working on repairing the windows.

Window repair can be daunting, but they learned that it’s not that complicated. They have learned how to remove the windows, strip and reglaze, replace glass panes, and repaint or refinish them. They are also rebuilding wood storm windows to boost energy efficiency and seal up their home.

Molly & Kenny believe in repairing and reusing the old material that they already have in their house. This practice reduces the energy use associated with producing new materials. It also saves them money to put toward other improvement projects.

Watch from Molly & Kenny's "Do-It-Yourself Projects" video here and their "Restoring Old Windows" video here!


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