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New Faces, New Spaces

By Viva Yang, Institutional Giving Officer

A portrait of the new staff in front of a wall with Rethos logo decals, Viva Yang, Emily Noyes, and Sumeya Hassan
From left: Viva Yang, Emily Noyes, and Sumeya Hassan

In addition to Rethos’ move to new offices at the turn of the year, the organization also welcomed new staff.

Sumeya Hassan joined the Rethos team as the Community Program Coordinator in late 2022, building upon their historic preservation work at Northern Bedrock Historic Preservation Corps in Duluth. They are a 2021 graduate of the Virginia Commonwealth University with a B.S. in Political Science and Anthropology.

In January 2023, Viva Yang came on board as the Institutional Giving Officer, managing the organization’s philanthropic giving. Over the last two decades, he has worked in various nonprofit roles such as program management, development, and partnerships; with additional experiences in education, communications, and journalism. Yang enjoys storytelling, writing, music, travel, and languages. He is a 2001 graduate of St. Olaf College.

Emily Noyes started as the Education Manager in late February 2023. She oversees the community education program, which provides workshops to those interested in learning how to care for old buildings. She was an undergrad at Macalester College and earned a Master of Science in Education from the University of Pennsylvania. She has primarily worked in college access programming, including different programs around the country, but is excited to return to history education.


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