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Rethos | Response to Coronavirus/COVID-19

Last updated: March 2022

Considering the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Rethos continues to take measures to limit the spread of illness to each other, our partners and supporters, and within the greater community.

All of our staff are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and we follow recommended best practices when interacting with partners and visitors. Recent updates:

  • Rethos does not require masks in its Saint Paul office, nor in its Winona office for staff or guests. We encourage everyone to assess for themselves and welcome guests with or without masks at this time. Recommendations for wearing masks can be found here.

  • Ramsey County, owner of the Landmark Center no longer requires masks in its buildings. Mask requirements remain in effect for some Ramsey County facilities where other governmental regulations apply.

  • Rethos' Winona office does not require masks in accordance with the City of Winona's regulations.

  • Rethos continues to conduct meetings with outside partners in well-ventilated locations (e.g. outdoors) whenever possible, or meeting via virtual platforms or telephone

  • Conducting classes and workshops in outdoor, well-ventilated locations as is seasonably feasible. Many of our classes and workshops have been adapted to virtual platforms. Attendees will be required to wear masks for in-person indoor classes.

Please see details about individual classes for more information about locations and the safety and health practices that will be in place for in-person classes.

Our staff members are empowered to postpone or decline meeting appointments at their discretion.

Many of our staff continue to work remotely several days a week. Please contact us at or our individual emails to make an appointment to meet with us, or leave a message on our office phone at 651.293.9047.

Take care and stay safe!


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