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Warden’s House

Over the past year and a half, our education team has experimented with new, virtual ways to teach you about old homes. We’ve hosted tons of webinars, built up our Rehab Resources webpage, and shared tips and tricks in our magazine and on social media. We’re also starting to create instructional videos about various rehab, salvage, and maintenance topics.

This summer, Rethos teamed up with the City of Stillwater, Northern Bedrock Historic Preservation Corps, the State Historic Preservation Office, and the Washington County Historical Society to create a series of videos about window restoration. We gathered at the Historic Warden’s House Museum in downtown Stillwater and filmed Rethos instructor Laura Leppink carefully demonstrating common repairs. Laura walks viewers through paint and glaze stripping, reglazing, repairing rotted wood, and painting. Northern Bedrock corps members assisted Laura and helped demonstrate proper techniques.

Our excellent videographer, Jacob White of White Pine Productions, edited the recording into four bite-sized videos. You can watch the videos as you prepare for your window repair projects, although you’ll probably need to re-watch the videos during your project too! The videos each run four to eight minutes long, and you can view them all on our YouTube channel. Go to our “Rethos Places Reimagined” YouTube page to catch all our Warden’s House content as well as gather other great rehab tips.

This project was partially funded by the Minnesota State Historic Preservation Office in the form of a Certified Local Government (CLG) grant to the City of Stillwater, which is pass-through funding from the SHPO's Federal partner, the National Park Service.


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