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Welcome Kelly!

A very belated Rethos’ welcome to Kelly, our newish Outreach & Education Coordinator! She has already contributed so much to the Education and Minnesota Main Streets teams and personally has helped out this social media manager with great content.

A bit of Kelly's background and interests, in her own words: "After graduating from the University of Minnesota Morris with a degree in Environmental Science in 2017, I went on to lead camping and canoe trips with an outdoor education organization based in Minneapolis called Wilderness Inquiry. In 2018, I found myself at the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency working as an underground tank inspector in their Tanks Compliance and Enforcement unit. At Rethos, I’ve been able to pursue my interests in sustainability and materials reuse, while simultaneously working to empower communities and embrace the historic buildings that make them so unique. Outside of work, you can find me camping, canoeing, or digging around in my garden!"


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