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Introducing: Robinson-Stanton House!

Exterior of Robinson-Stanton House in Sauk Rapids, MN

Near the heart of the city of Sauk Rapids, MN, stands the grand and beautiful Robinson-Stanton house. The oldest documented house in Sauk Rapids, and perhaps the oldest private home made of solid granite in Minnesota, it was constructed by Leonard Robinson in 1873 out of granite harvested from a quarry just one block away from the house itself.

1873 Granite exterior wall in the Robinson-Stanton House

The house was purchased by the Hommerding family in the 1940’s and was converted into a group home, resulting in two separate additions in the 1960’s and 1990’s. Eventually, the group home was closed as federal restrictions tightened in the early 2000’s. Having sat vacant for several years with talks of demolition, the Benton County Historical Society chose to purchase the house in the Fall of 2019.

Historical illustration of the Robinson-Stanton House, with a horse and buggy in front
Illustration courtesy The Benton County Historical Society

The Benton County Historical Society is currently in the process of converting this massive 9,400 square foot home into their new museum, research, and archives facility. The museum and historical society operations will be located on the main floor, which includes the original 1873 granite structure. The research facility will be located in the 1990’s addition, and the archives and records will be located in the 1960’s addition. The Historical Society plans to open Robinson-Stanton house for public viewing and visiting in Spring of 2022! This house truly is one-of-a-kind, with a visual history that provides a captivating timeline of the last 146 years!

Arched attic window with covering in Robinson-Stanton House

Rethos will soon be hosting classes and tours at the Robinson-Stanton house, so you too can see this amazing slice of history up close! Keep an eye on our website for more information and upcoming events.


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