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Public Tour of the Robinson Stanton House June 9

Near the heart of the city of Sauk Rapids, MN, stands the grand and beautiful Robinson Stanton house. The oldest documented house in Sauk Rapids, and perhaps the oldest private home made of solid granite in Minnesota, it was constructed by Leonard Robinson in 1873 out of granite harvested from a quarry just one block away from the house itself. The Benton County Historical Society is currently in the process of converting this massive 9,400 square foot home into their new museum, research, and archives facility, and will be opening the Robinson Stanton house for public viewing this year! At this tour, you'll be among the first to get an up-close look at this stunning house!

Join Mary Ostby, Executive Director at the Benton County Historical Society (BCHS), and Katie Kangas, Historic Architect and Founder of Pasque Architecture, as they share the rich history of the Robinson Stanton house and walk you through the many unique, mysterious, exciting features this home has to offer. With several additions made to the home in the twentieth century, you'll feel as though you're walking through "portals" to different moments in time! This house truly is one-of-a-kind, with a visual history that provides a captivating timeline of the last 146 years!

In addition to touring this remarkable space, you'll also learn a bit about the process for preserving and restoring a building like Robinson Stanton house. Preservationists can tell you that this is no small feat! Mary and Katie will discuss the project timeline, finding balance between preservation and accessibility, the many projects and updates that come with making this space inhabitable, and much more.

Don't miss this opportunity to dive deep into some fascinating local history. Capacity is limited, so register today!


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